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A rough guide to the relationship between IBI and the Catastral Value of your property

Catastral Value of Property (Valor Catastral). This is the official rated value of your property by Hacienda (Ministry of the Economy) on which various taxes are based. In addition to IBI, it impacts on a number of additional taxes, and some grants, as outlined below.

IBI Real Association – What can it do for you?

The IBI Real Association in Chiclana has exposed a real grievance of the people against the Chiclana Town Hall – that of unfairly, and probably illegally, charging the incorrect rate of IBI for the majority of properties in the area.

In an attempt to help people obtain fairness and openness, IBI Real has been holding a succession of outdoor office surgeries where people can come along and show their support by signing a petition (more about that below), and complete a form for submission to the council demanding that the correct rate of IBI be applied to their property. This form also demands a review of all properties in order to achieve a fair Valor Catastral which takes account of the huge slump in property values; the last such valuation was conducted in 2007 and became effective in 2008 – when property prices were much higher than now. A note on IBI and Valor Catastral is shown on this website in English to help illustrate the relationship between the two.